10 Aprile 2021

About thin, transparent writing

di Marina Agostinacchio/translation of Cinzia Tullo Francesca sat up in bed:she brought her hands to her eyes and on doing that gesture she thought she was […]
11 Febbraio 2021

Happiness of the body

di Marina Agostinacchio traduzione Carla Sordina “Water is really a calm roller that matches with my walk in this sunny day along the riviera”. I was […]
27 Settembre 2020

Autumn adjustments

Dear, it is autumn, everything resumes after the summer holidays … everything but not like last year. Tell about this new beginning, this time different from […]
9 Giugno 2020

White-haired stars From “Dialogue with Albertine”

White-haired stars From "Dialogue with Albertine" The stars crawl like ants on the blue vault of sleep. Sheets and shoes with insecticide: the staircase is sacred, […]
6 Giugno 2020

The first day

“Evening came and morning came: the first day” Genesis Covid-19 Friday 13 March 2020 The first day According to the Jewish calendar every day begins at […]
5 Giugno 2020


Eleuthería Slave, Freedman, Free. We all aim for Freedom. Since our appearance on the planet Earth, from the very moment when, once the umbilical cord is […]
4 Maggio 2020

Panic Buyng

“Facile fare i fenomeni al Lidl, andate a svuotare il Natura Si se avete il coraggio…” -Rosanna Monsurrò Covid-19 Thursday 12 March 2020 Panic Buying Despite […]
23 Aprile 2020

As mutable as a virus

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” -Albert Einstein COVID-19 Diary Wednesday 11 of March 2020 As mutable as a virus Today 11 of […]
20 Aprile 2020

Eyes and voice

“But, is she Doriana?” I recognise from the height and from the brawny legs that she is  Doriana. She turns back and her eyes conferm it. […]
15 Aprile 2020


The space inhabited by my body is enlarged by the space of my mind. I take limited, predetermined  steps in the physical space while infinite thoughts […]
9 Aprile 2020


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